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When it comes to what many call the most important day in your life, it is difficult not to have your fur baby by your side. Your dog, after all, is part of your family. However, when you are caring for a puppy that has not yet been properly trained, problems may arise if you allow it to be part of something so special and grand. For instance, vigorous breeds like Maltese puppies or Golden Retrievers are too young for all the attention.


So where does that leave your pooch? Luckily, you can include it in your pre-wedding shoot! Here are some ways you can make your best bud a part of your wedding without it having to be at the venue on the day itself:

#1 Have it wear a similar outfit as you

Nothing is more adorable than your dog dressed up in fluffy layers of tulle or a tuxedo next to you in your photos. If your pup is a girl, have it wear a sparkling tutu. If your pooch is a boy, make it look as dapper as you by having it wear a silky bow tie.

#2 Cover it in flowers

 Make your dog stand out in photos by outfitting it with a wreath of flowers. You may also have it wear a flower-covered leash around its neck. For consistency, make sure that you match your dog’s flowers with that of your wedding bouquet. Finally, take into consideration the flower of choice as it may be toxic for your pooch.

#3 Add its photo to your invitation

 There isn’t anything more delightful than announcing your wedding day with a dog-themed save-the-date card. Have your photo taken with your dog, then add a cute caption like “Don’t furr-get our special day!” written on it. While you are at it, why not have your stamps customised as well? Your pooch’s face on the stamp will add both a personal touch and bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

#4 Put your dog’s face on the table numbers

Since your pooch won’t be able to say hello to your guests at your wedding, display its photo at the centre of every table. By turning your dog’s photos into table numbers, you can you’re your friends and family what a happy and proud fur owner you are. Here’s a cool tip: Don’t use the same photo for every table.

#5 Make it part of group photos

 Welcome your pooch to your entourage by shooting a photo of it with your family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen before the big day. Have your photographer snap a few shots of you and your spouse-to-be holding your dog instead of a bouquet. Better yet, have everyone else included in the photo carry their pets in their arms!

#6 Have it do creative poses

Sure, your pup may not be well trained yet, but it doesn’t mean it can’t pose perfectly for a picture. Sometimes, the best shots are those that are candid. Try to be as creative as possible. You can kiss your pooch or have it sit beside your wedding dress or suit. If your dog is already trained, you can go for action shots. Simply talk to your dog photographer ahead of time so that you can work some great poses out. And make sure you have rewards such as treats and toys to keep them entertained and focused on whatever task you want them to do. 

#7 Use its photo as a prop in your photo booth

If it isn’t possible to have your pooch at your wedding reception, make a big cutout of its face, then use it as a photo booth prop. It’s a great way to include your dog in your big day without it having to be at the venue physically.

#8 Make a large cutout of your dog

Who says you can’t bring your dog to your wedding? By having a life-size cutout of your dog made, you can make it a part of your entourage. You can carry your dog’s cutout while walking down the aisle or have your flower girl or ring bearer carry it. When it’s time for the family group photos, hold your dog’s cutout beside you.

The Bottom Line

All weddings are special. This is why everyone close to your heart must be there to witness your saying “I do.” Unfortunately, not all venues allow pets, so you have to get creative if you want your dog to be part of the most magical day in your life. Hopefully, these simple ideas will help make the presence of your pooch felt even if it cannot see you walk down the aisle.