How Much Will My Wedding Cost? Find Out With Our Free Wedding Budget Calculator

Planning a wedding can be a complicated and overwhelming experience, with so many factors to plan and take into consideration.

All the popular wedding blogs have tips to help you plan the wedding from engagement through to honeymoon, and some will even help you spend your hard earned cash by charging you for the information!

Not here though, we believe in helping our clients out as much as we can and that starts with the budget planning and our free wedding calculator

If you’re organised and methodical, wedding planning can be a lot less stressful and even enjoyable as you start to tick all the tasks from your list.

How much do weddings in Australia cost?


On average, weddings in Australia in 2024 will cost an estimated total of $43,000.  Obviously this is an average figure, with some couples spending $200 and some spending upwards of $120,000!  How much will you be spending on your wedding?  Use our wedding budget calculator tool to find out.

Our budget calculator is really useful for determining the amount of money you’ll need for each aspect of your wedding and gives you a running total at the bottom of the page.

Need an extra $100 to spend on the affordable wedding photos? No problem, just trim $100 from the budget in another area and the budget calculator will adjust the total for you.

Simply drag the sliders below to the required amounts (or leave on zero if you don’t need certain items) and you’ll receive a total amount.  Once finished, you are able to add your email address if you’d like us to send you a list of wedding suppliers who would suit your budget.  You’ll also receive a copy of your wedding budget if you’d like one.



We hope you found the wedding budget calculator useful in your planning.  Need help with another aspect of your wedding?  Drop us a line as we may have already written a blog post about it that we can share with you.